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Nashik paralysis and neurorehab center

Transforming Lives Through Ancient Ayurveda & Effective Therapies

Experience the ultimate fusion of ancient ayurveda and modern science, where Pure Ayurvedic medicines, acupuncture, acupressure, panchkarma, and physiotherapy converge to set you on the path to paralysis recovery like never before!
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Revitalize Your Life: Where Health Meets Happiness.

Welcome to Nashik Paralysis & Neuro Rehab Center, just 6 kilometers from Panchvati – Nashik City and 8 Kilometers from central bus stand.

Our clinic has been treating all types of paralysis for eight years. Hundreds of happy patients have praised us as we offer expert paralysis treatments for patients of any age.

Nestled amidst greenery, our center offers a peaceful atmosphere for healing. We have comfortable rooms with modern amenities and provide 24/7 nursing care and pure vegetarian meals.

Our unique approach combines Ayurvedic treatments, Panchkarma, acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and neurorehabilitation, earning us high praise from our patients.

we understand the challenges that come with paralysis. Our Ayurvedic approach focuses on restoring balance to your body and providing you with the care and support you need on your journey to recovery. Trust in Ayurveda's healing power, and let us work together towards a brighter future.

Dr. Bhushan Gaikwad

Significant Results - Patient Testimonials

Revive and Thrive: Unleash Ayurveda's Power Against Paralysis

Why Choose Ayurveda for Paralysis Treatment?

Embrace the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

At Nashik Paralysis And Neuro Rehab Center, we believe in the power of Ayurveda to treat paralysis, a condition that has challenged modern medicine in many ways. Here’s why Ayurveda stands out as a preferred choice:

Holistic Approach

Ayurveda doesn’t just treat the symptoms; it addresses the root cause of paralysis. By balancing the body, mind, and spirit, Ayurvedic treatments aim to restore the natural harmony essential for healing and well-being.

Natural Remedies

Our treatments involve natural herbs and oils, less likely to cause side effects than conventional medications. Remedies have been used for centuries, backed by the trust and experience passed down through generations.

Personalized Care

Ayurveda recognizes that every individual is unique. Our treatments are customized to your specific body type (Dosha), ensuring a treatment plan that is as unique as you are. Ayurveda is suitable for every age.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Therapies like Panchakarma, massage, and Yoga, which work together to rejuvenate the body and improve neurological functions. These therapies aid in reducing muscle stiffness and enhancing mobility.

Stress Reduction

Stress can adversely affect recovery from paralysis. Ayurvedic practices like meditation and Yoga are excellent for reducing stress and promoting mental well-being, aiding in faster recovery.

Proven Track Record

Countless patients have experienced significant improvements in their condition through Ayurvedic treatment, offering hope and a positive outlook towards life.

Supporting Overall Health

Beyond treating paralysis, Ayurveda helps boost immunity, improve digestion, and promote a healthy lifestyle, all contributing to a quicker and more holistic recovery process.

100% Safe & Effective

Ayurvedic treatments are gentle on the body, making them suitable for long-term care without worrying about harmful side effects resulting in faster and permanent recovery. 

Your Health, Your Turn – Act Now & Rewrite Your Story!


Trusted Hands, Trusted Care: The Doctors Who Put You First

We are a team of expert and professional Ayurvedic Doctors with more than 8+ years of experience in providing speciality treatment for all types of paralysis. 

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Innovative Features To Make Recovery Journey On A Pleasant Way

Expert Team of Doctors

The expert doctors at Nashik Paralysis & Neurorehab Center in Nashik are specialized professionals known for their exceptional care and expertise in treating neurological conditions, particularly paralysis.

Helpful & Friendly Medical Staff

The medical staff at Nashik Paralysis & Neurorehab Center are not only highly skilled professionals but also incredibly helpful and friendly. Their compassionate care and dedication to their patients make the rehabilitation process a positive and supportive experience for all.

Panchkarma & Physiotherapy Units

The Panchkarma and Physiotherapy units at Nashik Paralysis & Neurorehab Center offer a holistic approach to paralysis recovery, promoting faster healing through traditional Ayurvedic techniques and evidence-based physical therapy.

IPD, Nutritionist & Canteen

We offer numerous benefits to inpatients (IPD) such as round-the-clock care, personalized rehabilitation plans, and medical supervision. Additionally, the on-site canteen and presence of a nutritionist guarantees that each patient's nutritional requirements are met.

In-Center Pathology Lab & Pharmacy

The In-Center Pathology Lab and Pharmacy at our facility make it convenient for patients. You can get your tests done quickly, and the pharmacy ensures you have easy access to prescribed medications without having to go elsewhere. This saves time, reduces hassle, and ensures prompt and effective healthcare services for our patients.

Touch of Mother Nature & greenery with peaceful surrounding & Ayurvedic Treatments

The presence of nature, greenery, and peaceful surroundings at our facility promotes a calming environment for paralysis patients, reducing stress and aiding in their mental well-being. Additionally, incorporating Ayurvedic treatments enhances the recovery process, as these natural therapies complement conventional medical care, potentially expediting rehabilitation and fostering a holistic healing experience.

Extensive Daily Yoga Classes for Everyone for Arthritis, Spine Disorders, Back & Waist Pain

Extensive daily yoga classes at our facility offer numerous benefits to patients dealing with arthritis, spine disorders, back, and waist pain. These classes help improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. Moreover, they promote overall well-being and provide valuable tools for managing and preventing these conditions, enhancing the patients' quality of life and aiding in their recovery.

24 X 7 Emergency Ambulance Service

The 24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service at Nashik Paralysis & Neurorehab Center is a crucial lifeline for elderly paralysis patients with various disorders. It ensures swift access to medical attention during critical situations, providing timely intervention and potentially saving lives. This service offers peace of mind to both patients and their families, guaranteeing immediate medical assistance when needed.

Ayurved Panchkarma, Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Nursing Care & Emergency Care Treatments


Feedback & Reviews

Veer Kaushik
Veer Kaushik
Best treatment for paralysis iam from thane nature view and ayurveda treatment ,physiotherapy ,accupuncture my mom was walk without support it was miracle for my family ,all staff are caring i have sugest to increase capicity and special room
Nandu Kapse
Nandu Kapse
खूप छान ट्रीटमेंट भेटली नाशिक पॅरालिसिस सेंटरचे सर्व स्टाफ चा आभार आपण लवकरात लवकर डीलक्स रूम वाढवावे धन्यवाद डॉक्टर भूषण गायकवाड डॉक्टर राजेंद्र सर रोहित ब्रदर निशा सिस्टर
mukesh chaudhari
mukesh chaudhari
One of the best paralysis rehablitaion center excellent treatment ayurveda is best for neurorehablitaion and physiotherapy is best for result thabks nashik paralysis center for my uncle treatment dr bhushan dr rajendr are very knowledge person and caring staff
vishnu bidgar
vishnu bidgar
Best paralysis treatment amhi nanudrbar vr alo hoto
Monika Sonar
Monika Sonar
One of the best paralysis rehabilitation center in mahrashtra
Titu Salla
Titu Salla
Excellent treatment for paralysis thanks nashik paralysis team doctor
Khupchan ahe cente Hy Docter Dev ahe Maze mula la Chalyla lavale Thank u Dr Rajendra sir Dr Bhushan sir
Poonam Gamane
Poonam Gamane
Good services, good doctor helping hand, thank you Dr. rajendra kadnar sir
Poonam Jadhav
Poonam Jadhav
Best institute for paralysis patient, excellent care , physiotherapy, good doctors had very good experience, thank you Dr Rajendra.👍👍
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Transforming Lives Through Comprehensive Medical Excellence

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