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Ayurveda recognizes that every individual is unique. Our treatments are customized to your specific body type (Dosha), ensuring a treatment plan that is as unique as you are. Ayurveda is suitable for every age.

Holistic Approach

Ayurveda doesn’t just treat the symptoms; it addresses the root cause of paralysis. By balancing the body, mind, and spirit, Ayurvedic treatments aim to restore the natural harmony essential for healing and well-being.

Preventive Care

Ayurvedic treatments are gentle on the body, making them suitable for long-term care without worrying about harmful side effects resulting in faster and permanent recovery. 

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Snehana (Oleation Therapy)
Snehana, or Oleation Therapy, is one of the most important therapies that prepares the body to receive specialized Panchakarma treatment. It involves the application of medicated oils, ghee and herbs to the body internally and externally for three to seven days.
Swedana (Sudation Therapy)
Swedana, or Sudation Therapy, involves inducing sweat in the patient. It channels amam, or pent-up toxins inside the body, to places from where they can be easily ejected by the system during Pradhanakarma.
Nasya Therapy
Nasya therapy is an Ayurvedic treatment that was developed by the ancient Ayurvedic sages with a belief that the nose is the gateway to the human brain and can help cure various ailments. The therapy involves administering medicated oil or herbal decoction through the nostrils of the patient.
Basti (Enema)
In Basti Karma, practitioners administer medicated oils or herbal mixtures as an enema through the rectum. This helps in getting rid of harmful substances and balancing the body's natural energies. The procedure is like a cleansing therapy, removing toxins and bringing back harmony in the body.
Manya Basti
It is useful in cervical neck pain due to repetitive strain injuries after sitting in long hours on the computer or driving. Helps relieve numbness in the neck / shoulder region, tingling sensation and numbness of hands. Strengthens the cervical spine, cervical vertebras and neck muscles.
Kati Basti
Kati Basti is an Ayurvedic therapy involving the retention of warm medicated oil over the lower back. It works by penetrating deep into the tissues, lubricating the joints, nourishing the muscles, and promoting relaxation, thereby alleviating lower back issues.
Vamana Therapy
Vamana therapy is used in the treatment of respiratory conditions like allergies, sinusitis, and metabolic conditions such as obesity. During the therapy, patients undergo preparatory measures or Purvakarma, followed by the ingestion of medicated herbal decoctions to induce vomiting.
Agnikarma Therapy
Rooted in ancient texts, Agni Karma involves the controlled application of heat to specific points on the body for therapeutic purposes. This age-old practice has gained recognition in recent times for its effectiveness in treating various musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain.
Shirodhara Therapy
Shirodhara treatment is a relaxation therapy when a person suffering from stress disorders. Such as Stress, Anxiety, Hypertension, Headache, and Fatigue can take this treatment or therapy. It also helps people who are suffering from Insomnia.
Yoga (Under Supervision)
The reason behind it is the stretching. With proper stretching the damaged nerves, as well as the affected muscles, get the proficient supply of the blood, nutrients and oxygen. The proficient supply of these nutrients, blood, and oxygen helps in building up the nerve signals.
The physiotherapy treatment provided for paralysis will be dependent upon the cause and severity of the symptoms. This will be established by a thorough subjective and objective neurological assessment in the clinic or in the home environment. Following the assessment, there will be the opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations of physiotherapy treatment.
Electroacupuncture Therapy
Electroacupuncture is a good alternative to traditional acupuncture. With the benefits of pain management and the potential to provide relief from muscle spasms, this therapeutic treatment is meant to help feel relaxed and pain-free.

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Feedback & Reviews

Veer Kaushik
Veer Kaushik
Best treatment for paralysis iam from thane nature view and ayurveda treatment ,physiotherapy ,accupuncture my mom was walk without support it was miracle for my family ,all staff are caring i have sugest to increase capicity and special room
Nandu Kapse
Nandu Kapse
खूप छान ट्रीटमेंट भेटली नाशिक पॅरालिसिस सेंटरचे सर्व स्टाफ चा आभार आपण लवकरात लवकर डीलक्स रूम वाढवावे धन्यवाद डॉक्टर भूषण गायकवाड डॉक्टर राजेंद्र सर रोहित ब्रदर निशा सिस्टर
mukesh chaudhari
mukesh chaudhari
One of the best paralysis rehablitaion center excellent treatment ayurveda is best for neurorehablitaion and physiotherapy is best for result thabks nashik paralysis center for my uncle treatment dr bhushan dr rajendr are very knowledge person and caring staff
vishnu bidgar
vishnu bidgar
Best paralysis treatment amhi nanudrbar vr alo hoto
Monika Sonar
Monika Sonar
One of the best paralysis rehabilitation center in mahrashtra
Titu Salla
Titu Salla
Excellent treatment for paralysis thanks nashik paralysis team doctor
Khupchan ahe cente Hy Docter Dev ahe Maze mula la Chalyla lavale Thank u Dr Rajendra sir Dr Bhushan sir
Poonam Gamane
Poonam Gamane
Good services, good doctor helping hand, thank you Dr. rajendra kadnar sir
Poonam Jadhav
Poonam Jadhav
Best institute for paralysis patient, excellent care , physiotherapy, good doctors had very good experience, thank you Dr Rajendra.👍👍
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