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Experience the ultimate fusion of ancient ayurveda and modern science, where Pure Ayurvedic medicines, acupuncture, acupressure, panchkarma, and physiotherapy converge to set you on the path to paralysis recovery like never before!

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we understand the challenges that come with paralysis. Our Ayurvedic approach focuses on restoring balance to your body and providing you with the care and support you need on your journey to recovery. Trust in Ayurveda's healing power, and let us work together towards a brighter future.

Dr. Bhushan Gaikwad

Years of Experience

Revitalize Your Life: Where Health Meets Happiness.

Welcome to Nashik Paralysis & Neuro Rehab Center, just 6 kilometers from Panchvati – Nashik City and 8 Kilometers from central bus stand.

Our clinic has been treating all types of paralysis for eight years. Hundreds of happy patients have praised us as we offer expert paralysis treatments for patients of any age.

Nestled amidst greenery, our center offers a peaceful atmosphere for healing. We have comfortable rooms with modern amenities and provide 24/7 nursing care and pure vegetarian meals.

Our unique approach combines Ayurvedic treatments, Panchkarma, acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and neurorehabilitation, earning us high praise from our patients.

Our Success Story

Our center is called “Nashik Paralysis Center,” which focuses solely on paralysis and strives to fulfill the saying “Health is wealth.” Located in Nashik, it serves as the city’s first such center dedicated specifically to paralysis. Those who sincerely believe in this saying and work tirelessly towards achieving it can find treatment and support at our facility.

Our goal was to provide patients with a beautiful and comfortable environment for treatments like Panchakarma, Physiotherapy, well-ventilated rooms for patients, and spacious courtyards for open-air activities. We aimed to create a cheerful atmosphere that would uplift patients’ spirits. And today, we take pride in announcing that our dream has come true; we have been successfully treating various patients suffering from paralysis at affordable prices within the premises of our Paralysis Center.

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Our Vision

The vision for Nashik Paralysis Center is to provide comprehensive and effective treatment options for individuals suffering from various paralysis-related issues. The center aims to create awareness about the effectiveness of ancient but very effective treatment options such as Panchakarma and Ayurveda, which can help in the overall rehabilitation process. It also focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with paralysis and aims to offer personalized, holistic care to ensure optimal recovery and improved quality of life. The center aims to create a supportive and empathetic environment, where patients can receive personalized care and support from a team of skilled medical professionals and caregivers.

Our Mission

To be a leading healthcare provider offering specialized treatment solutions for individuals affected by paralysis, promoting wellness through integrated approaches combining traditional medicine practices with modern therapies, ensuring patient satisfaction through compassionate care, personalized treatment plans, and affordable accessibility for all.

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Feedback & Reviews

Veer Kaushik
Veer Kaushik
Best treatment for paralysis iam from thane nature view and ayurveda treatment ,physiotherapy ,accupuncture my mom was walk without support it was miracle for my family ,all staff are caring i have sugest to increase capicity and special room
Nandu Kapse
Nandu Kapse
खूप छान ट्रीटमेंट भेटली नाशिक पॅरालिसिस सेंटरचे सर्व स्टाफ चा आभार आपण लवकरात लवकर डीलक्स रूम वाढवावे धन्यवाद डॉक्टर भूषण गायकवाड डॉक्टर राजेंद्र सर रोहित ब्रदर निशा सिस्टर
mukesh chaudhari
mukesh chaudhari
One of the best paralysis rehablitaion center excellent treatment ayurveda is best for neurorehablitaion and physiotherapy is best for result thabks nashik paralysis center for my uncle treatment dr bhushan dr rajendr are very knowledge person and caring staff
vishnu bidgar
vishnu bidgar
Best paralysis treatment amhi nanudrbar vr alo hoto
Monika Sonar
Monika Sonar
One of the best paralysis rehabilitation center in mahrashtra
Titu Salla
Titu Salla
Excellent treatment for paralysis thanks nashik paralysis team doctor
Khupchan ahe cente Hy Docter Dev ahe Maze mula la Chalyla lavale Thank u Dr Rajendra sir Dr Bhushan sir
Poonam Gamane
Poonam Gamane
Good services, good doctor helping hand, thank you Dr. rajendra kadnar sir
Poonam Jadhav
Poonam Jadhav
Best institute for paralysis patient, excellent care , physiotherapy, good doctors had very good experience, thank you Dr Rajendra.👍👍
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